Destiny – Book 1

Welcome to my completed first book.

For starters, here’s the dry, boring stats: 100,000+ words, 23 chapters. Destiny – Book 1 has received good reveiews by those who have read it. (Not bragging, but I’ve read worse off the book store shelves.)

Of interest, perhaps: I used Windows Vista Voice Recognition on most of the manuscript, and was very pleased with its performance. My typing speed isn’t the greatest–40 wpm on a good day. Thus, taking the time to get the vioce recognition program trained (i.e. reading some paragraphs the program put up on the screen), proved to be a real boon. I never timed my dictation to see what the equivalent wpm would have been, but I know that I was approaching double my typing speed.

Comments about the book are appreciated, especially if it involves correction to spelling, etc. (example: “their” when it should have been “there”, “weight” for “wait”, etc.) Although, the VR program is actually quite good at distinguishing the correct word when you have dictated all, or most, of a sentence. Gramatical corrections will be seriously considered also, if I believe it helps the story.

There is a comments area at the end of each chapter. Feel free to use it.   :o)

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